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T-shirts now $24.94

(9 years ago)
O Hai Guise, It’s been 2 months since we came up with this idea and bought this URL. This thing has gotten bigger than either of us thought possible and to say thank you for all the support, we’ve cut down our t-shirt prices to $24.94 for a month. Enjoy and do check out our [...]


(9 years ago)
Thanks Robert Liberto for the t-shirt suggestion

Death ray

(9 years ago)
Thanks to our IRL friend Willsy for the t-shirt

Verbose Articulation

(9 years ago)

Disposable fashion made out of food packaging (12 HQ photos)

(9 years ago)
Fashionable Food Packaging French designer Katell Gelebart has crafted a deliciously colourful collection of wearable food packaging, transforming so-called trash into haute couture. Gelebart, co-founder of designers' collective Art D'Eco, has used leftover packaging from brands including Friskies cat food, Barilla pasta and Sun Rice to create the eco-friendly fashion line - to move away from "disposable" culture.
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