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(10 years ago)
Thanks to Reddit for the script Special thanks to Dustin for magically reading our minds and sending us a perfect t-shirt suggestion


(10 years ago)

The Science Behind Wikipedia’s Jimmy Appeal

(10 years ago)
Seen the latest banner ads on Wikipedia appealing for donations? Like me, you might also have thought “Woah – Wikipedia-founder Jimmy Wales looks like Michael Bolton’s older, womanizing brother.” Okay maybe not that *exact* thought. But perhaps you wondered how such a dating site facial could possibly work as an appeal? As ever, the data [...]

You have always been this cool… (22 photos)

(10 years ago)
Hey all!Thanks for sending in your original childhood photos for this post. YOU need to send YOUR awkward childhood photos now!Step 1: Click SUBMIT up top or mail to: theBERRYsubmit[at]gmail[dot]comStep 2: Pretty please include a descriptionYou're cool,Emily

Haiti football team among the disabled

(10 years ago)
Manuel Ladouceur was buried four days under the rubble of his Uncle’s house before he was pulled out as the sole survivor. Ladouceur survived but lost his entire left arm because of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti one fateful afternoon in January. That week Ladouceur joined the ranks of hundreds of Haitians who, [...]
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