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(9 years ago)

New attraction Batumi

(9 years ago)
In the Georgian spa town of Batumi, a new vista – a metal sculpture of “Love”. It is noteworthy that the sculpture … mobile. Seven meter schematic figures of men and women spinning move toward each other and merge together. The new attraction, which cost the local budget in 2400 lari (about 5,000 dollars) installed [...]

Couple attempts to break wedding vow record (11 photos)

(9 years ago)
This couple won "The Ultimate Job - Honeymoon Testers" competition for Ireland's Runaway Bride and Groom. This promotion has allowed them to test wedding venues for the last 12 months. Coupled with the contest, they decided to try and break the Guinness World Record for most number of wedding vows renewed by a couple, currently 83.

The top 10 lists of 2010 have officially begun! (10 photos)

(9 years ago)
This is Vogue's Best Dressed of 2010. Yes, it's that time of year! 2010 countdowns and rankings have started and won't stop until the new year. Did you like Vogue's top 10 choice? Let us know what you think!<3 Megan & Emily
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