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Rape Dungeon Clean Out (link)

(9 years ago)
In the interest of full disclosure I have a home in Lakewood, CO that I had been renting out to a gentleman for the past year, and he has apparently been put back in prison for a parole violation. After not receiving his rent payment or getting a phone call returned for the past month and a half I drove over there and entered the house. Upon entering the basement I witnessed what can only be compared to that dreadful basement scene from Pulp Fiction. Immediately I called the Police, only to find out that my renter was being detained and that they should come have a look at the basement where he was living. Police arrived at my property, took photographs, and some gigantic black dildos that looked more like anti-aircraft missiles instead of sex toys. This basement is literally filled with g...

Cast of ‘Glee’ hits Vegas (5 photos)

(9 years ago)
'Glee' cast partying at Naya Rivera's Las Vegas birthday bash:

Army test – the road to paradise

(9 years ago)
In Taiwan, only the very best get to serve in the army. After the application must pass the test, called a “road to heaven. ” Nothing to do with pleasure, and heaven so-called road – it is 50 meters sharp stones on which to crawl with a bare torso and his hands tied behind their [...]

Why Not

(9 years ago)

Write that bitch a sonnet

(9 years ago)
write that bitch a sonnet bitches love sonnets i'm writing that bitch a sonnet

Happy Brothers Photos

(9 years ago)
I found this while clearing out scanners at an NYU student computer lab where I was working as a lab tech. We kept it in the lost & found for a year but it was never claimed. I love the palpable sense of fun and camaraderie. I also love the skirts. On the back is a "Happy Bros. Photos" ink stamp and the name "Dinny" written in pencil.
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