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BBC Doctor Who Tardis Building Contest | Where's The Tardis? (link)

(9 years ago)
One vote allowed for each entry per FB account, so pick as many as you like. Favorite entries: 283, 244, 169, 40, 85. Creativity counts more than votes, but every vote counts - some of the ones at the top aren't as creative as they could be, and will lose points in creativity even though they have a ton of votes...


(9 years ago)
The long-awaited update to our Hassium video - the element The professor knew nothing about.

About the safety of the airports and not just

(9 years ago)
Usually, immediately after the attacks, or even riots began a terrible show-off by the police. Included are all the frames, police with double diligence checks the documents of “suspicious persons ” and stuff, stuff … Consider a study of one LJ user.
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