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(9 years ago)

Fallen models

(9 years ago)
at little, always on a diet, here nohonki then do not keep!

Anger Management Techniques

(9 years ago)
One of our agents found this near the bushes behind where I worked a while back.

Young people 'drinking' vodka through their EYE for a quick buzz (link)

(9 years ago)
Even as drunken student antics go, it was, by any stretch of the imagination, a disturbing scene. Surrounded by cheering rugby players, applauded by fellow members of the university netball team, 19-year-old Melissa Fontaine tipped back her head and giggled as fellow drinkers in the Students' Union bar pulled apart her eyelids and allowed them to pour a shot of vodka into her left eye.'Vodka eyeballing', as it is known in student circles, is the latest drinking craze to sweep through Britain's universities.Those who do it claim that it induces feelings of drunkenness at break-neck speeds, providing an instant high.
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