Fun and Interesting archive for 2011-02-15

Matrix leap of faith

(9 years ago)
matrix leap of faith you have to let it all go neo free your mind

Will Not Be

(9 years ago)

Let the bodies hit the floor

(9 years ago)
let the bodies hit the floor rage trollface animated drowning pool

The child first tried rhubarb

(9 years ago)
The child was very upset when, instead of sweets he slipped rhubarb:)

The 6 crappiest interview questions

(9 years ago)

Now I Am Upset

(9 years ago)
I've had this for a while, I think it must have dropped out of a neighbour's school file or something. I think they were just bored in class reading the poems of R.S Thomas (a Welsh poet). My favourite part is "school bus, yeah!" and also the fact that R.S Thomas is immediately upset by the fact that children like buses.
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