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Now we know why you so retarded (link)

(9 years ago)
New gene-based tests that map out a person's entire genetic code can help explain why a child has birth defects or developmental delays, but they are also exposing some dark family secrets.


(9 years ago)

Soviet Large Hadron Collider

(9 years ago)
Everybody has heard about the Large Hadron Collider, which recently launched at CERN. But that’s about its Soviet analogue few people know. Accelerator itself, or rather what was left of him is in Protvino, Moscow Region. Protvino was founded as a workers’ settlement simultaneously with the construction of a proton accelerator in 1960.Now they live [...]

Learning How To Visualize

(9 years ago)
Been getting a ton of requests for ‘how to’s and guides for creating decent visualizations and information designs. Made me think: maybe I could do some workshops in this area. I like developing ideas and working with people. Could be fun! So if you think you’d like to attend a workshop on visualization or organize [...]
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