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10 Less Known Facts about Lance Amstrong

(9 years ago)
Lance Edward Armstrong (born Lance Edward Gunderson on September 18, 1971) is an American former professional road racing cyclist who is best known for winning the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times, after having survived testicular cancer. He is also the founder and chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research and [...]

Piglet Bank (link)

(9 years ago)
Designed for anyone who has far too much money and loose change, this is the piggy bank of all piggy banks. Its a real piglet that has been taxidermied and inserted with what all piglets probably dream of as babies, a coin storage unit and a cork plug. Make your plush overpriced apartment complete with this little guy.

Rappers, Then and Now

(9 years ago)
These are photos of famous rappers when they were just kids and the way they look today. Although, they have changed somewhat, you can still tell who they are. The biggest change is in their bank accounts.

Silver Is Cheaper than Gold

(9 years ago)
Rescued from the recycle bin - I wonder if the writer kept to this meticulous schedule, and if Justin appreciated the writer doing the homework for him.

Antique Evaluation

(9 years ago)
There is a filing cabinet that is empty except for the bottom two drawers. No one in the office knows whose it is, or what it was used for, so no one touches it.Except for me.

Crappy Day

(9 years ago)
I found this one afternoon when I arrived to open up the bar I work out. The bar's custodian left it by the register. Poor guy.
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