Fun and Interesting archive for 2013-02-24

Mesmerizing Speed Bag Punching (Video)

(7 years ago)
I don't know if you ever tried punching a speed bag, but let me just say it's not as easy as this guy makes it look. And he is crazy fast!

Laughing Rooster (Video)

(7 years ago)
So I stumbled on this video of a laughing rooster and while I was searching for the original upload, I came across this little gem:

Face-Planting Toddler (Video)

(7 years ago)
A two-year-old boy named Jude would rather face-plant than nap. His parents caught him enthusiastically slamming into the bed on a baby monitor app:

Brilliant Movers in Japan (Video)

(7 years ago)
These amazing Japanese movers seriously make me wanna move over there, just so I could use their moving companies when I move somewhere else in Japan. I am sure you’ll feel the same way after watching this video: