Fun and Interesting archive for 2013-05-19

SNL: Hermes Handbags (Video)

(7 years ago)
SNL‘s ‘Hermes Handbags’ skit features Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer as hilarious ex-porn stars trying to sell the famous handbag brand. That’s Hermes – not Herpes!

SNL: New Beginnings Summer Camp for Gay Kids (Video)

(7 years ago)
SNL host Ben Affleck stars in the 'New Beginnings' skit as summer camp counselor Marvin, who is trying to 'cure' the kids from being gay.

SNL: New Xanax For Gay Summer Weddings (Video)

(7 years ago)
SNL presents ‘Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings’, a spoof commercial for a new type of Xanax that relieves stress of attending spectacular gay summer weddings.

Stefon’s Farewell from SNL Weekend Update (Video)

(7 years ago)
Bill Hader as Stefon stole the SNL’s season finale with an emotional farewell on Weekend Update. During his last SNL appearance, Stefon almost marries Anderson Cooper in a Graduate-themed skit, only to run away with his true love – Seth Meyers. Ben Affleck, who was in the very first Stefon sketch as his brother, also appears in this epic send-off.

Alleged Lover Jumps from Building in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Video)

(7 years ago)
Currently trending in Brazil, this video shows a half-naked man jumping from the window of a building in downtown Sao Paulo while a couple fights on a nearby balcony. Don’t worry, local firefighters provided a safe landing. However, I’m not sure if it’s real or just a set of a soap opera.

Logging Crane Demolition (Video)

(7 years ago)
Canfor Corporation takes down a huge crane at the sawmill in Grande Prairie, Canada.