Fun and Interesting archive for 2013-06-23

Small Feet – Rivers

(7 years ago)
Le musicien suédois Simon Stalhamrhe alias Small Feet, a fait appel à Oskar Wrango pour la réalisation de son dernier clip, « Rivers ». Le feu devient part intégrante de l’identité visuelle de l’individu et rend la fuite éperdu de celui-ci quasi-mystique. Une expérience poétique à découvrir dans la suite.

Cat Catches Fish (Video)

(7 years ago)
A Russian kitty seizes an opportunity to show off his fishing skills while people are feeding fish with bread…

Spider Scares Meteorologist Kristi Gordon (Video)

(7 years ago)
Kristi Gordon, a Global BC‘s meteorologist, got scared by a giant spider on the weather camera during the Noon News forecast.

Alex After Dentist (Video)

(7 years ago)
Anesthesia induced videos after wisdom teeth removal at a dentist's office are a dime a dozen. However, in this one, a guy named Alex Nold provides us with several memorable nonsensical quotes, so it's worth watching:

Peter Sagan Roof Parking (Video)

(7 years ago)
Slovakian pro cyclist Peter Sagan parking his bike on the roof of a car like a boss…