Fun and Interesting archive for 2013-07-21

Sailboat Hits Bridge in Norway (Video)

(7 years ago)
A sailboat crashed into a bridge in Tønsberg, Norway on Sunday, breaking the vessel’s mast. It seems that the skipper thought his boat will be able to slip under the draw foot-bridge as it was coming down. No one on board was injured in the collision. The railing on the bridge suffered some damage. Eyewitness Fredrik S. Robertsen caught the crash on his camera:

Skydiver Crashes Into Baseball Player (Video)

(7 years ago)
Baseball player Mattingly Romanin, a shortstop for the Missouri summer league Hannibal Cavemen, gets drop kicked by a ceremonial skydiver flying into the field.

Cockatiel Sings If You’re Happy and You Know It (Video)

(7 years ago)
A disposable plastic food tray makes a cockatiel so happy he starts singing and whistling a popular children’s song ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’. Since he’s from Japan, I guess he actually sings the Japanese version of the song – ‘Shiawase Nara Te o Tatakou’. Now sing along and clap your hands!

Little Brother Gets Cream Mask (Video)

(7 years ago)
Big sister smears Desitin diaper rash cream all over her little brother's face, hands and legs. He doesn't seem to mind much.

Greedy Donkey vs Llama (Video)

(7 years ago)
A donkey gets greedy and chases off a llama to get more treats at a petting zoo.

Jesse and The Rippers Reunion on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

(7 years ago)
John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, reunited with his ‘Full House’ band, Jesse & The Rippers, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday night. The band played their greatest hits, including the ‘Full House’ theme song. Of course, the reunion couldn’t have taken place without the appearances of Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky.