Inspiring archive for 2011-02-04

Appointment in Bokhara

(8 years ago)
_______________________________ EN ESPANOL: Encuentro en Bokara EN PORTUGUES: Encontro em Bokara ______________________________ A merchant asked his servant to go to the market to buy some pieces of cloth. Upon reaching the market, the servant saw his own Death shopping at the store near him. Terrified, he ran back to the merchant’s house. “I have to [...]

How I Train: Fitness for the Everyperson

(8 years ago)
Post written by Leo Babauta.I don’t train to lose weight or look good. I don’t train to beat anyone or impress anyone. I don’t train for bigger muscles or a six-pack.I train because I love it. And because it’s my life.As I said last week: I am in the best shape in my life. That’s [...]