Inspiring archive for 2011-02-23

Greener Pastures Ahead

(8 years ago)
Plant a money tree and prosper!

Can’t Find a Dream Job? Create Your Own

(8 years ago)
Post written by Leo Babauta.I was once unemployed, and I know the debilitating depression and the feelings of frustration and helplessness that can come with that. I’ve been stuck in a job I hate, and I felt imprisoned, trapped doing work that bored me while following orders of others and helping them achieve their goals.Those [...]

Are You Seeing Your Life Through “Old Story” Glasses?

(8 years ago)
If you find yourself living something over and over again....and it isn't something you want to keep living... It is time to change those "old story" glasses... When you get yourself a new set of glasses (beliefs) - you change your now and your future!