Inspiring archive for 2015-02-06

Liza Lacroix

(5 years ago)
Paintings by Liza Lacroix. More below.View the whole post: Liza Lacroix over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Brilliant Concept Art by Sinyo Budi

(5 years ago)
Sinyo Budi is a talented digital artist / illustrator based in Indonesia. If you're into quality concept art, make sure to check out our picks below. Get inspired guys ... and have a nice weekend!Read More

Portrait Photography by Duong Quoc Dinh

(5 years ago)
Duong Quoc Dinh is a professional artist / photographer based in Vietnam specializing in female portrait photography. Below, you may scroll through some of his masterpieces ... for more, make sure to check out his dA portfolio. Enjoy!Read More

The right to choose

(5 years ago)
Dr. Victor Frankl, survivor of the concentration camp in Auschwitz, wrote in his diary: “Those who lived in these places of death can still recall that at night, some of those who were there, would go from tent to tent, comforting the most desperate, many times offering a piece of leftover bread or potato.” “Only […]