Inspiring archive for 2015-02-16

O passageiro e o definitivo

(4 years ago)
Todos os caminhos do mundo levam ao coração do guerreiro; ele mergulha sem hesitar no rio de paixões que sempre corre por sua vida. O guerreiro sabe que é livre para escolher o que desejar; suas decisões são tomadas com coragem, desprendimento, e – as vezes – com uma certa dose de loucura. Aceita suas […]

A warrior does not rely on strength alone

(4 years ago)
A warrior of light does not rely on strength alone, he makes use of his opponent’s energy too. When he enters the fight, all he has is his enthusiasm and the moves and strikes that he learned during his training. As the fight progresses, he discovers that enthusiasm and training are not enough to win: […]

The law as a metaphor

(4 years ago)
I am someone who believes in the judicial system despite all the drawbacks we see. The United States Supreme Court disqualifying torture as an interrogation method, for example, even when the president of the country and his VP have, through legal artifices, tried to justify it. Nonetheless, my belief is not shared by many people. […]

Digital Concept Art by John Staub

(4 years ago)
John Staub aka dustsplat is a concept designer and illustrator for films, games and print based in the United States. Below, you may check out several creative artworks selected from his portfolio.Read More