Inspiring archive for 2015-02-18

Famous Artworks Recreated Using Pantone Chips by Artist Nick Smith

(5 years ago)
Famous artworks recreated using Pantone chips, by artist Nick Smith. Which reminds me, our first-ever Booooooom book, Remake, comes out this spring! Keep your eyes peeled.  More works by Nick Smith below.View the whole post: Famous Artworks Recreated Using Pantone Chips by Artist Nick Smith over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Vector Festival 2015

(5 years ago)
A Toronto-based art event explores the impact of contemporary media such as video games produces new directions in independent art thinking and production. Now in its third year, there are exhibitions that explore the relationships between audience and artwork via … Continue reading →View the whole post: Vector Festival 2015 over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Interactive Installation: Augmented Pinball

(5 years ago)
Interactive installation from South Korea by Team 464 is a Kandinsky-inspired pinball game made with wall-mounted shapes and projected balls, a mix of the physical and the virtual – video embedded below: You can find out more about the project … Continue reading →View the whole post: Interactive Installation: Augmented Pinball over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Illustrations by Guillaume Poux

(5 years ago)
Guillaume Poux aka El Gunto is a French freelance character designer and illustrator currently based in Spain.Let's take a look at some of his artworks.Read More

Gestalt: Four People & Middle column

(5 years ago)
A gestalt has two or more parts (like figure and ground) that are so integrated together that we perceive them as one object. Think of teaching “the whole child,” and you have the idea behind gestalt. The perception of oneness from many is the basis of gestalt. It derived from the 1890 German philosophy of […]