Inspiring archive for 2015-05-11

Track Premiere: Muta “At Night”

(4 years ago)
Very excited to premiere a song by one of my favourite producers right now, Denver-based artist Muta. The song is called “At Night” and will be released on May 18th as part of Canadian label King Deluxe’s “Year Four” album, which … Continue reading →View the whole post: Track Premiere: Muta “At Night” over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Music Video: Emilie Nicolas “Pstereo”

(4 years ago)
This video freaks me out! Maybe it’s the idea that one day I wake up and realise that the sky is not the sky, it’s miles of water, and I’ve been living on the ocean floor. Norwegian singer song-writer Emilie Nicolas put … Continue reading →View the whole post: Music Video: Emilie Nicolas “Pstereo” over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Flotsam by Lisa Sorgini

(4 years ago)
Photographs from Lisa Sorgini’s captum orchis were posted back in November. These are from her current project Flotsam. More images below.

Projection-Mapping: “Trajectories 2″ Installation by Designer Greg Barth

(4 years ago)
Designer Greg Barth developed an effective technique for his installation for Chromatic 2015 at La cite Mode et Design, in Paris. First he froze the action of swinging a ping pong paddle, and broke it up into a series of objects hanging in … Continue reading →View the whole post: Projection-Mapping: “Trajectories 2″ Installation by Designer Greg Barth over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Week Anthony de Mello I

(4 years ago)
De Mello was was born in Bombay, British India on 4 September 193, ordained into the Jeesuit priesthood in March 1961 He died from a massive heart attack in New York, In 1998, 11 years after de Mello’s death, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, under the leadership of its Cardinal-Prefect, Joseph Ratzinger] […]