Inspiring archive for 2015-05-13

Hold Your Own Feet to the Fire

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Lots of us want to change our habits — get healthier, procrastinate less, write a book, save some money, get fit, read more, get good at something. And when it comes to changing habits, we know what doesn’t work. What doesn’t work: saying you’re going to make a change, intending to, and […]

Sarah Stankey

(4 years ago)
Earthly photographs by Madison-based photographer, Sarah Stankey. Sarah is an editor and contributing writer for LenScratch, an online photography blog. Check out more of her personal work below.View the whole post: Sarah Stankey over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Ola Szmida

(4 years ago)
Polish animator Ola Szmida received an honourable mention at the 2015 Short Waves Festival. The trailer for “Unwanted Desires” is below, along with more of her illustrations and animations.View the whole post: Ola Szmida over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Week Anthony de Mello II – The greedy sons

(4 years ago)
De Mello was was born in Bombay, British India on 4 September 193, ordained into the Jeesuit priesthood in March 1961 He died from a massive heart attack in New York, In 1998, 11 years after de Mello’s death, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, under the leadership of its Cardinal-Prefect, Joseph Ratzinger] […]