Inspiring archive for 2015-09-11

Music Video: Club Cheval “Discipline”

(4 years ago)
“Discipline” is the title track of Club Cheval’s long awaited debut, which doesn’t come out till 2016. There’s not much to this video; it’s essentially just a giant game of musical chairs, but it just has the perfect chill vibe without … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Jorge Alegría

(4 years ago)
Graphite drawings by Corpus Christi, Texas-based artist Jorge Alegría. More images below.

Music Video: Yvein Monq “TWUN”

(4 years ago)
Here’s one of the most original music videos I’ve seen lately, created by Viktor Horváth for Budapest-based Yvein Monq. Various women struggle to walk in heels in this oddly entertaining, over-the-top, short. Watch the video below.

The path is full of contradictions

(4 years ago)
In one of his rare writings, the Sufi sage Hafik comments on the idea of travel; “Accept with wisdom the fact that the Path is full of contradictions. Many times the Path will contradict itself, just to stimulate the passenger to discover what will happen at the next curve. If two travelers take this journey […]

Trippy Kinetic Wooden Sculptures by David C. Roy

(4 years ago)
Amazing wooden machines produce trippy patterns and operate solely from a mechanized spring that’s simply hand-cranked and released. More images and demonstration videos below!