Inspiring archive for 2015-10-26

Avoid the Tendency to Think Your Way is the True Way

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta One thing I’ve been noticing in myself over the last few months, and I see other people doing it all the time, is thinking that my way is the right way to do things. I bet you do it too. We all do it — if we’re not worried that we’re doing […]

5 reasons why Paulo Coelho is so Successful

(4 years ago)
by Najib Ahmad He is Rebellious  Paulo Coelho was not one of those kids who took normal traditional way without questioning or opposing it. He always stood against the traditional ways. He always had his own perception of the world which was beyond the understanding of normal people. When asked by his parents to go […]

Hilarious Street Art by Michael Pederson

(4 years ago)
Clever interventions by Sydney-based street artist Michael Pederson add a sense of humour and playfulness to the kinds of things we walk by everyday and never give a second thought. Check out more images of Pederson’s handiwork below!

Artist Spotlight: Teppei Kaneuji

(4 years ago)
Quirky yet thoughtful sculptures by Tokyo-based artist, Teppei Kaneuji, currently on display at Jane Lombard Gallery in New York until October 17th. Deep Fried Ghost is Kaneuji’s first solo exhibition in the United States. More images below!