Inspiring archive for 2015-11-06

Photographer Spotlight: Chris Beecroft

(4 years ago)
A selection of photos by Chris Beecroft, a 22 year old photographer based in Perth, Australia. More images below.

Beautiful Poured Paintings by Artist Ian Davenport

(4 years ago)
Artist Ian Davenport makes many of his works by pouring gloss paint onto an angled surface to let the paint travel across the surface creating lines and sometimes pooling near the bottom. Have a look at more of his work … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Benze

(4 years ago)
Drawings by Budapest, Hungary-based artist Benze. More images below.

Reflections In a Lake

(4 years ago)
Cain and Abel came to the banks of an enormous lake. They had never seen anything like it. “There’s something inside it,” said Abel, looking into the water, not knowing that it was his reflection. Cain noticed the same thing, and raised his staff. The image did the same thing. Cain stood waiting for the […]