Inspiring archive for 2015-11-13

Photographer Spotlight: Julien Mauve

(4 years ago)
A selection of images from another thoughtful series by Paris-based author photographer, Julien Mauve (previously featured here). “Headland Of Dreams” explores the idea of waking dreams and different nocturnal states. More images below.

Blog of the Day: Become a Modern Day Caveman

(4 years ago)
Building everything with literally nothing but his bare hands, the guy behind Primitive Technology has turned basic human resourcefulness into his own personal hobby. And this isn’t just rubbing two sticks together to create fire or crafting rudimentary tools. “Primitive … Continue reading →

Artist Portrait: “Hugh The Hunter” by Zachary Heinzerling

(4 years ago)
Beautifully shot short by New York-based filmmaker, Zachary Heinzerling. Based on the work of (and starring) artist Hugh Hayden, who incorporates animals he’s found already-dead as well as the feathers of those he’s hunted and killed himself. “Hugh The Hunter” … Continue reading →

Disturbingly Accurate Digital Manipulations by Artist Antoine Geiger

(4 years ago)
French artist Antoine Geiger perfectly captures the all-absorbing and soul-sucking nature of contemporary cellphone culture. More striking images from his series “SUR-FAKE” below.

Handcrafted Moleskine Leather Album and Backpack Giveaway

(4 years ago)
We have a very cool giveaway this week courtesy of Moleskine and Milk! It’s a gorgeous handcrafted custom photo album made of your choice of either black or ivory leather, and either Italian Tintoretto art paper or Mohawk proPhoto paper. … Continue reading →