Inspiring archive for 2015-12-08

Inspiration + Aspiration

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta I deal every day with questions about how to stay motivated, how to stay on track, how to be excited about what I’m doing, how to stay grounded and balanced. Do you face these same issues? What I’ve been playing with are inspiration and aspiration. Followed by perspiration. Each of these words […]

Video of the Day: Petite Meller “Baby Love”

(4 years ago)
Vibrant video for Petite Meller’s catchy track “Baby Love.” Looooooove this video. Directed by Asaf T. Mann and Napoleon Habeica with cinematography by Katelin Arizmendi. Watch below!

Giveaway: Lodown Art Editions

(4 years ago)
Once a year, Berlin-based Lodown Magazine releases a special oversized edition focused on contemporary art. These issues are always very visual, with less text, and no product features. We have a set of all 7 art editions to give away … Continue reading →

Short Film of the Day: “Digits” by Alexander Engel

(4 years ago)
Charming short about how far one man is willing to go for love after he loses the last two digits of a girl’s phone number. Hint: he tries all the numbers. Written and directed by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Alexander Engel. Watch … Continue reading →