Inspiring archive for 2015-12-28

Essential Zen Habits of 2015

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta What a year it has been. This past year has been filled with personal tragedy, triumphs, travel, connection with friends, creation, and learning. And I’ve been able to have all of you with me, all year. I’m deeply grateful for that. Some big things happened for me this year: My dad died. […]

Beautiful Camera-less Photography by Tatiana Gulenkina

(4 years ago)
Beautiful pictures created by manipulating light sensitive paper and other photographic materials, without the use of a camera (also known as photograms), by Russian-born artist Tatiana Gulenkina. This series was created in a colour darkroom using long exposures, check out more images … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Ben Tolman

(4 years ago)
Finely detailed drawings by Washington, DC-based artist Ben Tolman. More images from “Civilized” below.

Radiohead’s Rejected Song for Bond Film “Spectre”

(4 years ago)
It turns out the rumors about Radiohead recording the theme song for the latest James Bond film were true after all. The film ended up with Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall” but this weekend Radiohead shared their rejected track “Spectre”. … Continue reading →

Animated Film Created Using 3D-Printed Zoetropes

(4 years ago)
Fantastically weird animation by Ray McCarthy Bergeron. Made using spinning 3D-printed zoetropes, “re÷belief” is the result of 2,600 hours of hard work and it shows! Watch below.

The yogi and the wise fool

(4 years ago)
  Nasrudin, the wise fool of Sufi tradition, passes in front of a cave, sees a yogi in deep meditation, and asks him what he is seeking. – I am contemplating the animals, and I learn many lessons from them which can transform a man’s life – says the yogi. – Teach me what you […]