Inspiring archive for 2016-01-05

Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Bjorklund

(4 years ago)
Fantastic paintings by Uppsala, Sweden-based artist Benjamin Bjorklund, who was at one time a prison night guard. More images below.

Captivating Ceramic Sculptures by Artist Erika Sanada

(4 years ago)
These ceramic sculptures by San Francisco-based artist Erika Sanada strike an interesting balance between creepy and cute. There’s a real tension in these works that the artist says is a struggle between joy and sorrow. More images below.

Short Film of the Day: “Arctique”

(4 years ago)
Short film edited by Laurent Joffrion (with music by Rougge) made to mark the release of ” Arctique,” a book featuring the work of French photographer Vincent Munier. Watch below!