Inspiring archive for 2016-01-13

Artist Spotlight: Markus Åkesson

(4 years ago)
Haunting new paintings by Swedish artist Markus Åkesson (click here for previous feature). More images below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Simón Prades

(4 years ago)
Great work by Saarbrücken, Germany-based illustrator Simón Prades. More images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Amy Li

(4 years ago)
Gorgeous photographs by Brooklyn-based artist and photographer Amy Li. More images below.

Colourful Experimental Carpets Created With Syringes of Foam

(4 years ago)
NIGHTSHOP makes experimental carpets that are more art piece than interior decoration. Using soft urethane foam, each “carpet” is hand-drawn with foam-filled syringes squirted into various patterns. Never seen anything like this. Check them out below!


(4 years ago)
Warriors of light always keep a certain gleam in their eyes. They are of this world, they are part of the lives of other people and they set out on their journey with no saddlebags and no sandals. They are often cowardly. They do not always make the right decisions. They suffer over the most […]