Inspiring archive for 2016-01-18

Artist Spotlight: Elisa Ancori

(4 years ago)
Artist Elisa Ancori’s surreal series of aquatic metamorphoses. More images from “Five Mermaids” below.

The Greatest/Creepiest iPhone Case Ever Made by Artist Sarah Sitkin

(4 years ago)
Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Sitkin recently made the most amazing iPhone case I’ve ever seen. It’s a synthetic ear that moves and feels like a real human ear! Have a look at the rest of her work below, it’s like something … Continue reading →

Fluorescent Painted Models Create Psychedelic Camouflage

(4 years ago)
Miami, Florida-based photographer Alex Markow collaborated with artist Magnus Sodamin to create these psychedelic images. Models were covered in fluorescent paint and lit with a black light inside Sodamin’s colourful floor-to-ceiling installation, “Infinity Split”. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Sindre Goksøyr

(4 years ago)
Delightful prints by Sindre Goksøyr, an illustrator, cartoonist and artist based in Oslo, Norway. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Sverre Malling

(4 years ago)
Finely detailed work by Norwegian artist Sverre Malling. More images below.

Alice and the queen

(4 years ago)
In Lewis Carroll’s famous masterpiece “Alice through the Looking Glass,” there is a dialogue between the main character and the Queen, who has just told something quite extraordinary. – I can’t believe it – says Alice. – Can’t believe it? – the Queen repeats with a sad look on her face. – Try again: take […]