Inspiring archive for 2016-02-09

Tumblr of the Day: Oozing Bacteria-like Animated Gifs by Artists Protobacillus

(4 years ago)
Brazilian artists Gustavo Spredemann and Leone Simonetti have been sharing face-melting animated gifs under the name Protobacillus. Definitely one of my favourite Tumblrs at the moment. Lots more below!

Photographer Spotlight: Darren Rigo

(4 years ago)
A selection of images from Toronto-based photographer Darren Rigo’s series “A Funny Thing”. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Johan Van Mullem

(4 years ago)
Obscured portraits by Belgium-based painter Johan Van Mullem. More images below.

Colourful Yet Catastrophic Photographs by Japanese Artist Yoshimitsu Umekawa

(4 years ago)
Equal parts mesmerizing and unsettling, Yoshimitsu Umekawa’s photographs are positively (and negatively) nuclear, drawing on the issues and anxieties that surround modern day Japan. See more images below.

“Close Encounters” by Illustrator Hannah K. Lee

(4 years ago)
My friend illustrator Hannah K. Lee sent me over her latest zine, “Close Encounters”. I’m also the proud owner of “Everyone Else is Younger and More Talented” and my personal favourite “Shoes Over Bills”. Love Hannah’s work! Have a look inside the … Continue reading →

Photographer Spotlight: Maimouna Guerresi

(4 years ago)
Gorgeous portraits by Maïmouna Guerresi who was born in Italy as Patrizia Guerresi where she was raised as a Catholic. She later changed her name when she married a Senegalese man, and converted to Sufi Islam. More of her striking work below.