Inspiring archive for 2016-02-16

How to Become the World’s Greatest Lover

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta You reject the limitations of being a romantic Cassanova, restricted to loving only those who fall for your seductions. You want to love every one. Every single living being. Everything in this miraculous universe. You learn to love it all, in its majestic entirety. You don’t discriminate between the aesthetically beautiful or […]

Artist James Turrell’s Monumental Light Installation Set Inside Extinct Volcano

(4 years ago)
“Roden crater” is the culmination of artist James Turrell’s lifelong obsession with the contours of light and space. Located in an extinct volcano in the Arizona desert, Turrell’s large-scale project involves a series of specially engineered caverns, tunnels and apertures, … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Holton Rower

(4 years ago)
More pour paintings by New York-based artist Holton Rower. More images below

Retro-Inspired Space Tourism Posters for NASA’s Visions of the Future

(4 years ago)
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has commissioned a series of posters celebrating the future of space travel with retro-inspired designs. Evoking a golden age of exploration, the Visions of the Future campaign imagines a time when one might travel to Jupiter for weather … Continue reading →

Booooooom TV Presents: “Rhythm of Cruelty”

(4 years ago)
Vancouver-based filmmaker David Ehrenreich follows Brandi Strauss and Ian Rowley (of post-punk rock outfit Rhythm of Cruelty) as they show us what it’s like not just to live in one of the coldest places on Earth, but thrive personally and creatively. Watch “Rhythm Cruelty” … Continue reading →