Inspiring archive for 2016-02-17

Children’s Imaginary Friends Brought To Life

(4 years ago)
“Nessi” imagined by Julio Sanz and brought to life by Psyop   A group of British children were asked to give detailed descriptions of their imaginary friends. The most interesting were selected and brought life in this charming collaboration between London’s Victoria … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Evoca1

(4 years ago)
Murals by Dominican-born artist Evoca1, currently based out of Miami, Florida. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Lampu Kansanoh

(4 years ago)
Thai artist Lampu Kansanoh captures the best facial expressions! Check out more of her wonderfully alive paintings below.

10 SEC READING: Keeping friends

(4 years ago)
EN ESPANOL AQUI > Amistad ________________   When she was eleven years old, Anita went to her mother to complain. “I can’t manage to have friends. They all stay away from me because I’m so jealous.” Her mother was taking care of newly-born chickens, and Anita held up one of them, which immediately tried to […]