Inspiring archive for 2016-02-19

Why We Struggle with Change

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta We think we need to improve ourselves and our current situation, because we’re dissatisfied (at least a little bit) with how things are. We have a drive to improve, improve. So we strive for change — exercise more, eat better, read more, be more mindful, do more meaningful work, be more disciplined. […]

Sponsored Post: Introducing the Seeker and the Infiniti Q30

(4 years ago)
To support the launch of the all-new Q30, Infiniti created the Seeker – a modern day version of the traditional compass, inspired by the vehicle. With the ability to point you to any destination on Earth, the Seeker was put in … Continue reading →

Surreal Stained-Glass Amoeba by Artist Thomas Medicus

(4 years ago)
You might recall Austrian artist Thomas Medicus’ hand-painted, anamorphic sculpture the “Emergence Lab” we posted back in December. Well Medicus has unveiled a new project: a floating sculpture shaped like a giant amoeba. The abstract piece is gorgeously detailed, capturing the idea … Continue reading →