Inspiring archive for 2016-02-24

Artist Fu Xiaotong Creates Detailed Landscapes Using Hundreds of Thousands of Pinpricks

(4 years ago)
These large-scale artworks by Beijing-based artist Fu Xiaotong are the result of a painstaking process involving hundreds of thousands of holes hand-poked into massive sheets of handmade paper. Each piece is titled after the number of total pinpricks, for example: 300,800 Pinpricks, … Continue reading →

Photographer Spotlight: Wara Bullôt

(4 years ago)
Nostalgic series by Bangkok-born, Auckland-based photographer Wara Bullôt. Acting as a photographic archive of 48 homes built in New Zealand (particularly the Hutt Valley suburb of Naenae) in 1945, The Lawns are Green captures not only the social changes of … Continue reading →

Epic Ice Castles for Visitors to Explore

(4 years ago)
Entertainment company Ice Castles builds massive, one of a kind sculptures across North America, each outfitted with epic lighting and sound to make people feel like they’re traversing a magical world. More images below!

Nasrudin always makes the wrong choice

(4 years ago)
Every day Nasrudin went to beg for alms in the market, and people used to make fun of him by playing the following trick: they would show him two coins, one worth ten times more than the other, and Nasrudin would always choose the smaller coin. The story went round the whole province. Day after […]

Trippy Video of the Day: “Undercurrents” by Artist Albert Omoss

(4 years ago)
Los Angeles-based director and “computational artist” Albert Omoss creates a mind-bending mass of human figures in his latest experimental short “Undercurrents”. Watch it now on Booooooom TV!

Instagram of the Day: Experimental Animations by Anny Wang and Tim Söderström

(4 years ago)
Fantastic graphic animations by Anny Wang (@annyversary) and Tim Söderström (@mrfontex), “Physlab” is an ongoing series of experiments with 3D software that feature surreal visuals grounded in the physical mechanics of the real world. Have a look at the videos below!