Inspiring archive for 2016-02-26

Our Everloving Quest to Control Our Lives

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Almost our entire lives are spent in a quest to gain control, security and comfort in our lives. Unfortunately, we never really get it, so we keep trying, relentlessly. This is the main activity of our lives. What would happen if we stopped? We could be less restricted by fear, less anxious, […]

Instagram of the Day: Skateboarding Kids Sky and Ocean

(4 years ago)
One of my favourite Instagram accounts right now is @awsmkids, featuring a couple of skateboarding phenoms. Sky is 7 years old and her younger brother Ocean is only 4 years old! The video clips below will either get you stoked … Continue reading →

Artist Richard Tuschman Captures 1930s Poland in Detailed Dioramas

(4 years ago)
“Once Upon a Time in Kazimierz” is a 17 image series of Richard Tuschman’s highly detailed dioramas. He shoots the models separately and composites them in post (more on his process here). While the Holocaust isn’t addressed directly, the sequence … Continue reading →

10 SEC READ: Dialogue (ENG, PORT, ESP)

(4 years ago)
Keeping the dialogue alive Rabbi Iaakov’s wife was always looking for an excuse to argue with her husband. Iaakov never reacted to her provocations. Until one night when, during a dinner with some friends, the rabbi had a ferocious argument with his wife to the surprise of all at the table. “What happened?” they asked. […]

Guy on Reddit Turns Other Users’ Photos into Fantastic Movie Posters

(4 years ago)
Redditor Your_Post_As_A_Movie takes random posts from /r/pics and transforms them into stunning movie posters, complete with fake movie details like actor names and slogans. Check out more Photoshop wizardry below!