Inspiring archive for 2016-03-22

Shannon’s Method: Overcome Habit Procrastination

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta One of the biggest problems we face when we’re forming a new positive habit is procrastination. We’ve all done this: we’re trying to meditate or exercise or floss, but we’re tired or busy. So we put it off, and then the next day we do it again, and soon we’ve just dropped […]

Projection-Mapped Dance: Levitation

(4 years ago)
Sila Sveta doing what they do best – projection mapping! All the effects in this dance performance are happening real-time! Watch “Levitation” over on Booooooom TV.

Illustrator Spotlight: Eric Petersen

(4 years ago)
A selection of work by Fallbrook, California-based illustrator Eric Petersen. More images below.