Inspiring archive for 2016-04-25

Animated Gifs by Artist David Szakaly aka Davidope

(4 years ago)
Mesmerizing animated gifs by Budapest-based designer David Szakaly, whose work has proliferated Tumblr under the name Davidope. You’ve probably seen all these before, but in case you haven’t check out a bunch more below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Matthew Houston

(4 years ago)
Selection of work by Arizona-based illustrator Matthew Houston (click here for previous post). More images below.

Artist Peter Zimmermann Covers Exhibition Floor in Colourful Resin

(4 years ago)
Artist Peter Zimmermann covers over 1,400 square feet of flooring with abstract patterns using layers of brightly-coloured resin. The installation is part of his first large solo exhibition at the Museum für Neue Kunst in his hometown of Freiburg, Germany. See … Continue reading →

Magic Realism Transformations in Paulo Coelho

(4 years ago)
Thesis Subject: Magic Realist Transformations in Paulo Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello and The Experimental Witch Thesis Author: Meryem Riza-Ezel Thesis File: Download

Searching for meaning

(4 years ago)
“At such a moment it is not the physical pain which hurts the most (and this applies to adults as much as to punished children); it is the mental agony caused by the injustice, the unreasonableness of it all.”   Terrible as it was, Viktor Frankl’s experience in Auschwitz reinforced what was already one of […]