Inspiring archive for 2016-04-27

1 MIN READING: Each to his/her own destiny

(4 years ago)
Illustration by Ken Crane __________________________________ EM PORTUGUES AQUI: Somos diferentes __________________________________ A Samurai who was known for his nobility and honesty, went to visit a Zen monk to ask him for his advice. When the monk had finished his prayers, the Samurai asked, – Why do I feel so inferior? – I have faced death […]

Photographer Spotlight: Daniel Bushaway

(4 years ago)
“Summit” is a series by Melbourne-based photographer Daniel Bushaway exploring infrastructure, focusing on ski lifts that are unused for most of the year. More images below.

Reader Submission: Illustrator Tea Jurisic

(4 years ago)
A selection of work by Brela, Croatia-based illustrator (and diving instructor) Tea Jurisic, found via our April Reader Submissions post. More images below.

Reader Submission: Artist Aleksandra Devic

(4 years ago)
A series of paintings by artist Aleksandra Devic dealing with the complexities of domestic violence, shared via our April Reader Submissions post. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Scott Hutchison

(4 years ago)
Inspired by his experience with animation and the multitude of images needed to create a single second of video, artist Scott Hutchison attempts to paint figures in a sequence of events. See more images below.