Inspiring archive for 2016-05-04

Artist Spotlight: Jay Senetchko

(3 years ago)
Edmonton-born, Vancouver-based artist Jay Senetchko re-imagines the relationship of his late grandparents, specifically the domestic life of Senetchko’s grandmother who spent a great deal of time alone while his grandfather was away working in the Alberta oil patch. See more images from Industry … Continue reading →

Breathtaking Images of 50-100ft High Waves by Photographer Luke Shadbolt

(3 years ago)
Australian photographer Luke Shadbolt captures the power and violence of the ocean in his series Maelstrom. Check out more images below or on display at the Michael Reid gallery in Sydney May 4-28.

Illustrator Spotlight: Yuri Shwedoff

(3 years ago)
A selection of gorgeous work by illustrator Yuri Schwedoff, from Moscow, Russia. More images below.


(3 years ago)
DON’T YOU CREATE SOME SCREENSAVERS WITH YOUR GOALS FOR 2016? Just be very precise: a] list your goals (give wings to your soul) b] put the dates E.g.: – My weight will be xx kgs in 31/Dec/2012 ( don’t use the negative sentence, like “I am going to lose x kgs”, as the subconcious is […]