Inspiring archive for 2016-05-09

Bicycles Built Based on People’s Attempts to Draw Them From Memory

(4 years ago)
In 2009 designer Gianluca Gimini started asking friends and strangers to draw a men’s bicycle from memory. While some got it right, most made technical errors — missing fundaments parts of the frame or chain. The exercise is similar to … Continue reading →

“Asylum” by Photographer Christopher Payne Documents Abandoned Mental Hospitals

(4 years ago)
New York City-based photographer Christopher Payne’s series “Asylum” is the culmination of work conducted over 6 years, 30 states and 70 abandoned state mental institutions. More images below.

Radiohead “A Moon Shaped Pool”

(4 years ago)
Big weekend for Radiohead fans! They officially released their new album, “A Moon Shaped Pool” (get it here) after teasing us with their Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video for “Daydreaming” (watch on Booooooom TV). Excuse me while I go listen to the album 99 million times in … Continue reading →

Machine Gun Sculptures Built From Deconstructed Typewriters by Artist Ravi Zupa

(4 years ago)
A play on the mightiness of words over weapons, Colorado-based artist Ravi Zupa’s series of machine gun sculptures are made from staplers and typewriters picked up at estate and garage sales. After careful disassembly, typewriter rollers become barrels with stapler gun … Continue reading →

Crowdfund Project of the Day: FotoMarket by Fotografia

(4 years ago)
Online photography magazine Fotografia is looking to create an online photobook store curated with the best photobooks around. Featuring titles from publishers like Aperture, MACK, Self Publish Be Happy, Morel Books, they’re currently looking to fellow photobook lovers to help fund their … Continue reading →