Inspiring archive for 2016-05-13

This Moment is Enough

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta I was in a plane descending into Portland for a quick stopover, and I gazed upon a brilliant pink sunrise over blue and purple mountains, and my heart ached. Instinctively, I looked over to Eva to share this breath-taking moment, but she was sleeping. I felt incomplete, not being able to share […]

Lego Braille Bricks Help Blind Children Learn Through Play

(4 years ago)
The Dorina Nowill Foundation and Lew’Lara\TBWA ad agency have joined forces to promote literacy among blind children and help them better integrate into society. Braille Bricks are special legos designed according to each of the 26 different formations that make up the Braille alphabet. See below for … Continue reading →

Artist Rebecca Szeto Transforms Old Paintbrushes into Beautiful Portraits

(4 years ago)
Old paintbrushes become the canvas in these creative portraits by Chinese American artist Rebecca Szeto. The ongoing series (which started back in 1999!) highlights the attention Szeto pays to the details of each individual brush, coming up with a unique character … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Mateusz Urbanowicz

(4 years ago)
Selection of storefront illustrations by Tokyo-based artist Mateusz Urbanowicz (aka Mattō). More images below.

Viva N. Sra de Fátima!

(4 years ago)
On May 13, 1917, the children purportedly saw a lady “brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal goblet filled with the most sparkling water and pierced by the burning rays of the sun”. The woman wore a white mantle edged with gold and held a rosary in her […]

Illustrator Spotlight: Hidemi Ito

(4 years ago)
Drawings by Japanese illustrator Hidemi Ito. She currently lives and works in Tokyo. More images below.