Inspiring archive for 2016-05-24

Illustrator Spotlight: Lisa Kogawa

(4 years ago)
Illustrator Lisa Kogawa was born and raised in Japan and is currently living and working in Los Angeles. Really nice variety of styles. More images below.

Photoshopped Selfie Sticks Replace Guns in Popular Movies

(4 years ago)
Been seeing a lot of these selfie stick images circulating the net recently and was trying to figure out where they were from. The image above, from Terminator (the best I’ve seen so far) was shared on Twitter last year. Since then … Continue reading →

Photographer Spotlight: Ben Roberts

(4 years ago)
Madrid-based photographer Ben Roberts has been photographing Spain since 2007 for his series “Más se perdió en Cuba”, which translates to “We lost more when we lost Cuba”. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: GSULF

(4 years ago)
with Sebastien Touache   Graf artist GSULF and his friends are on another level. A selection of street paintings below.