Inspiring archive for 2016-06-17

The Warrior Of Light and Faith

(4 years ago)
The warrior of light, once he has learned how to use a sword, discovers that his equipment is still incomplete – he needs armour. He sets off in search of this armour and he listens to the advice of various salesmen. ‘Use the breastplate of solitude,’ says one. ‘Use the shield of cynicism’, says another. […]

Incredible (But Not Edible) Wood Carvings by Artist Seiji Kawasaki

(4 years ago)
Japanese wood carving artist Seiji Kawasaki creates ultra realistic food sculptures. Taking 2-3 hours to make, some of Kawasaki’s wooden food double as holders for resting chopsticks. He also does picture-perfect chocolate, vegetables and baked goods! Check out more images below.

Hidden Sculptures by Artist Mark Ollinger

(4 years ago)
Calgary-born, Vancouver-based artist Mark Ollinger has been hiding incredibly unique artworks in the streets of cities around the world; a sculptural response to street painting. Check out more images below!