Inspiring archive for 2016-06-22

Iran and Rumi

(4 years ago)
by Rumi, Persian poet (1207- 1273) Lord, said David, since you do not need us, why did you create these two worlds? Reality replied: O prisoner of time, I was a secret treasure of kindness and generosity, and I wished this treasure to be known, so I created a mirror: its shining face, the heart; […]

Carol Inez Charney Takes Photos of Photos Through Glass Creating Painterly Results

(4 years ago)
Artist Carol Inez Charney applies a painterly approach to her photo-based work, rephotographing images¬†through water coated glass so as to purposefully obscure the composition, creating a juxtaposition between abstraction and realism.¬†More images from “Interior Landscape” below.