Inspiring archive for 2016-07-18

Life-like Paintings of Imaginary Insects Camouflaged As Japanese Currency and Comic Books

(4 years ago)
Japanese painter Takumi Kama imagines what would happen if natural habitats were destroyed to the point where insects were forced to adapt to entirely urban environments. The “Hide-mushi” is a leaf insect Kama imagines would feed on and hide amongst Japanese currency. The “Comi-mushi” is … Continue reading →

Photographer Spotlight: Ole Marius Joergensen

(4 years ago)
Images from “Vignettes of a Salesman” by photographer Ole Marius Joergensen, based in Oslo, Norway. More images below.

Weird New Video Game of the Day: Push Me Pull You

(4 years ago)
Push Me Pull You by House House is a bizarre 2-4 player game where everyone wrestles for control of a ball. The catch is, you’re also joined at the waist in a worm-like mass so every action you make affects … Continue reading →