Inspiring archive for 2016-08-04

The Love of a Long Walk

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Yesterday afternoon, I set off on a long walk. I’d been having an off day, tired from lots of activities and unmotivated and my mind fixated on one thing … so I decided to walk. I put some snacks, a book, and some water in a backpack, put on some running shorts, […]

Reader Submission: Zhan Ni Li

(4 years ago)
Paintings by Toronto-based artist Zhan Ni Li, found via our August Reader Submissions. More images below.

What Instagram Would Be Like If It Ran on Windows 95

(4 years ago)
Moscow-based creative Misha Petrick’s brilliant gifs hilariously capture what Instagram would be like if we were all still using Windows 95. More images below!