Inspiring archive for 2016-08-10

Artist Spotlight: Max Cleary

(4 years ago)
A selection of photographs from Honolulu-born, Seattle-based artist Max Cleary. More images from his series “Lavender” and “Building A Thing To Forget” below.

Artist Spotlight: Karoliina Hellberg

(4 years ago)
A selection of paintings and drawings by Helsinki-based artist Karoliina Hellberg. More images below.

Clever Photo Collages by Stephen McMennamy

(4 years ago)
Another set of ingenious photo collages by Atlanta-based art director Stephen McMennamy. (Click here for previous post). More images below!

Removing Ourselves From the Center of Everything

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta When we go about our day, we tell ourselves a story about what’s happening … and at the center of that narrative is a single person. Ourselves. When I talk to myself about how so-and-so is inconsiderate or treated me badly, when I tell myself that it’s OK to procrastinate because I’m […]

Mandy Tsung and Russell Alton

(4 years ago)
So soo sooo excited that the Vancouver Mural Festival is finally happening this month! Artists Mandy Tsung and Russell Alton collaborated on this beauty, one of several murals wrapping the entire MakerLabs building. On August 20th the Vancouver Mural Festival will … Continue reading →

JR Celebrates the Olympics with Two New Installations

(4 years ago)
French artist JR has created two new public artworks in Rio de Janeiro in celebration of the Olympic games and as part of his ongoing Inside Out Project. Using construction scaffolding, the installations involve enlarged images of athletes in-action: the … Continue reading →