Inspiring archive for 2016-08-29

Artist Spotlight: David Jien

(4 years ago)
A selection of drawings by Los Angeles-based artist David Jien. More images below.


(4 years ago)
Paulo Coelho I correspond a lot by e-mail with Stephan Rechtschaffen, a doctor who founded the successful Omega Institute in New York. I was invited to give a talk there but I had to cancel it at the last moment. Then Stephan and I were contacted to talk together in Vienna, Austria, and this time […]

Artist Spotlight: Kristen Liu-Wong

(4 years ago)
Paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Kristen Liu-Wong. More images below.

Instagram of the Day: Photographer Laura Izumikawa Dresses Up Her Napping Cosplay Baby

(4 years ago)
Los Angeles-based photographer Laura Izumikawa dresses her baby daughter, Joey, in elaborate costumes while she sleeps. Taking inspiration from popular television shows like Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, to movies like Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Wayne’s World, see … Continue reading →

Animation of the Day: “Spring Time Old Man”

(4 years ago)
Berlin-based artist Hoji Tsuchiya creates a really vibrant world for Uri Nakayama’s song about an old, bicycle-riding man in this unique animation! Be sure and check out “Spring Time Old Man” on Booooooom TV.

Kickstarter of the Day: Heavy Volume II

(4 years ago)
The Heavy Collective are releasing a second compendium of contemporary photography! An exploration of image and text, Heavy Volume II will feature photographs from Dana Lixenberg, Susan Lipper, Irina Rozovsky, Stephen Shames, Curran Hatleberg, Daniel Shea, Mark Peckmezian, Deanna Templeton, Yoshinori … Continue reading →