Inspiring archive for 2016-09-23

What’s the Most Loving Thing You Can Do?

(3 years ago)
By Leo Babauta The question I’ve been asking myself lately, before I do anything, is a deceptively simple one: “What’s the most loving thing you can do in this situation?“ Now, that might sound corny to some of you, might seem irrelevant to most of you. But give me one minute of your time to […]

35mm Camera Made Entirely with 3D Printing

(3 years ago)
SLO is a 35mm camera created by 3D designer Amos Dudley, every part of which is 3D printed, including the lenses (although those took about 5 – 6 hours to be sanded down by hand). Designed with a modular lens … Continue reading →

Photographer Spotlight: Nils Ericson

(3 years ago)
Photos from “Iowa” by Brooklyn-based photographer Nils Ericson. Fantastic work. More images below.