Inspiring archive for 2016-10-18

Artist Spotlight: Sally Deng

(4 years ago)
A new series by Los Angeles-based artist Sally Deng (click here for previous post). See more images from “Women Work” below or on display at KP Projects gallery until November 5th.

“The Misfortunes of François Jane” by Patrick Pearse

(4 years ago)
Australian-born filmmaker Patrick Pearse’s latest film is an exploration of the human psyche as it charts the internal journey of a young man and the woman with whom he becomes obsessed. Set in Paris, the two characters feed off one another and … Continue reading →

End of Busy: A Deliberate Life vs. Reactive Life, with Jonathan Fields

(4 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Every day, we get caught up in busyness — reacting to what comes at us, lost in the thousands of tasks and emails we have to deal with, and we are so busy dealing with all of it that we get stuck on autopilot. What if we could get out of that […]

Artist Spotlight: Andrew Scripter

(4 years ago)
Love these prints by Andrew Scripter, who runs a print studio in Portland, Maine called Wing Club Press. More images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Larry Sultan

(4 years ago)
Photographer Larry Sultan spent a couple years making  “Homeland”, hiring day labourers to be the actors in a melancholic series of tableaus. These are portraits of displaced people, working far from their families for years, trying to make a living and … Continue reading →